I like Star Trek Discovery. A Trekker for 40+ years, I have spent far too long hating various incarnations of Star Trek. This is an admission of guilt, and a celebration of everything I love about Star Trek. Discovery is the latest in a series of shows and films in the Star Trek franchise. Originally appearing over 52 years ago […]

Free Music – Nintendo Switch Korg Gadget A downtempo semi-chill track composed by yours truly on the Nintendo Switch using Korg Gadget. This track is free to use in your project – simply provide the following attribution. Music: Switch Down by G. Scott Taulbee – Chaosnaut – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BET–Lc89WA– https://soundcloud.com/g-scott-taulbee/switch-down– Chaosnaut.com

A quick motorcycle ride to Sports Drome in JP Nagar, Bangalore. What a cool place, run by Bollywood actor and DJ, Zulfi Syed – (p.s. Check out his channel) We also have an interesting ride, including a run-in with Saddam Hussein. You should check out the Wiki page on Saddam – Wow! Sports Drome Sportsdrome is a multi sports center located in […]

Ride with me to Kolar, the golden city. Kolar is popularly known as the land of silk, milk, Mango, (National fruit of India) and gold mining. It is about 1-2 hours outside Bengaluru and makes for a perfect day ride.  Indian Paratha Palace Golden Amoon Resort and Spa

Explore Schiphol Airport Amsterdam with me as I try out my new lens, a Fotasy N35 35MM. This lens is sloppy – full of vignetting, lens flares, chromatic aberrations, and other ‘faults’ like a tiny focus area. It contains no autofocus, image stabilization, or other features to automatically change the aperture. Yet even with all of its limitations, it is […]

Join me in a gaming-themed extravaganza of food and fun – Yelp’s Got Game! Meet some of the excellent food vendors from the area in this tasty vlog. I went to Rockville to help Charles Cook set up the game room filled with classic titles for everyone to enjoy, and got the opportunity to meet people from around the area […]

Quickly build a versatile clamp for mounting your action cameras and GoPro anywhere to get those sweet and creative shot angles. For less than $6 each, you can build a tripod-mount clamp you can attach in the most interesting of places. It only takes a few moments to build, and your creativity will thank you! Share this video with someone […]

Helpin’ out the Home Team from Friendship United Methodist Church with the first part of a neighborhood project in Deale, Maryland. Let’s get the tools and get to work! Oh wait, it is Monday? That means $5 burgers at Happy Harbor restaurant! Let’s meet friends and family to end a great day.