Explore a small section of the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia with me! Fly over Chimney Rock and the quaint Meems Bottom Covered Bridge. Poke into the Dayton Market and discover the superbly detailed Landscapes in Miniature with Pam! She is a bit camera-shy, so I’m not ignoring her. Finish off with a quick peek inside the Route 11 Potato-chip Factory. […]

At the park, on the farm, and by the water for dinner, join me for a simple day of beauty and sweat. Thanks to everyone who helped make this day, and every other, so good and wholesome. First we go for a morning flight at Rose Haven Memorial Park and make new friends. Then it is off to shovel a […]

Ride with me on a busted kids bike. The handle and gears simply pop off or refuse to work. The brakes sound like we are torturing some poor creature. The gears grind and skip. Yet we manage to make it down the road to photograph some corn fields for preliminary client work, and we don’t die, so yeah?