This is my first fan video, cira 2002. My apologies for the quality. At the time, there were no HD versions of the original trilogy. New Hope was not released on DVD until 2004. The source material was ripped from a set of VCDs imported from Asia.

Why I made this

In 2002, I saw Star Wars Attack of the Clones in theaters, three times. Each time it was worse and left me heartbroken.

Like many fans before and after, I was very saddened at not receiving the Star Wars film I expected.

In response, I decided to celebrate the original trilogy of films by making this video.

Back in 2002, there was no YouTube. I tried hosting this video on a web server, but when it started to go viral, it brought down the whole company network. So this video has gone largely unseen by the world.

The editing is poor, but this was my first video hobby project, so please be kind.

Music: BT – Revolution