A quick motorcycle ride to Sports Drome in JP Nagar, Bangalore. What a cool place, run by Bollywood actor and DJ, Zulfi Syed –¬†(p.s.¬†Check out his channel) We also have an interesting ride, including a run-in with Saddam Hussein. You should check out the Wiki page on Saddam – Wow! Sports Drome Sportsdrome is a multi sports center located in […]

Explore a small section of the Shenandoah Valley in Virginia with me! Fly over Chimney Rock and the quaint Meems Bottom Covered Bridge. Poke into the Dayton Market and discover the superbly detailed Landscapes in Miniature with Pam! She is a bit camera-shy, so I’m not ignoring her. Finish off with a quick peek inside the Route 11 Potato-chip Factory. […]